Push Notification CTAs: Unusual Way to Boost App Engagement

Alex Danchenko

Many companies are wondering how to increase conversions in the application using pushes. We are sure that you asked yourself this question when you came to this page. In the article, we will briefly introduce call-to-action examples, what they are for, and their purposes. For marketers and owners of mobile applications of this type, calls to action are an essential tool. Adding CTA buttons to mobile push will encourage users to visit the application.

What Are Push Notification Actions?

Push Notifications are text or image messages that are displayed on the user's mobile screen. It serves as an alert and a call to action. Usually, the Push notification banner is placed in the center, top, or bottom of the screen.

Push messages provide the user with important information related to the application. Marketers themselves customize the display time, content, and action buttons. The interaction between the program and the user occurs regardless of the entrance to the mobile application.

Call to action through alerts is not only a form of marketing automation, but they are also relevant in the advertising mechanism of remarketing and retargeting. That is, all the characteristics of Push Notification Actions work great for re-attracting customers.

Importance of Push Notification Actions

Mobile applications are constantly competing with each other. To retain users, marketers use various methods and invent effective companies. Therefore, Push Notification with a call-to-action is increasingly used for closer interaction with users and re-engagement.

The main advantage of Push notifications  is that engagement becomes more personalized. Directly addressing the consumer does not leave him a real option  for a response, only a click or swipe action. Call to action in marketing through notifications is the most effective tool in the sales funnel. 

How Reminder Notifications Work

It's worth noting that push notifications will only work after your software is installed on a user’s device. Also, before installation, the user must give permission to receive notifications. Offers to choose the frequency of the mailing or the time of reminders like in Duolingo.The Users  will have 2 options: positive or negative. If they select positive, call-to-action notifications can be sent to them at any time without additional customer data. But do not forget that messages should be moderate in order to avoid complete blocking.

It is also worth considering the strategy of your company. Consider benefits, needs, and behavioral factors before sending rash calls to action. Remember that users trust you, so do not abuse their information resources.

Interactions Between Marketers and Users

Call to action in marketing applies the Best Practices of Push Notifications for App Engagement, and it is effective for measuring mobile attribution. Marketers can track user interactions and what kind of traffic and activity each company receives and what amount of income you’ll get.

For the user of push notifications, this is a very convenient and intuitive app engagement without opening it. The main goal for a marketer is high-quality and long-term interaction with the user.

How Action Buttons Can Drive App Engagement

CTAs will only be effective if you use additional techniques. Here are 4 main effective and good call-to-action phrases to stimulate user interaction with the app:

Free offers. Everyone loves gifts and getting something for free. Why limit your users to this pleasure? Think about what you can offer for free and just give it. You will be surprised how much your customer base will grow.

Instant benefits. Time has always been a valuable resource. Don't make customers wait, but simply give them what they want. Promise that they will get what they want immediately. Emphasize urgency in minutes or seconds — “Schedule a call within 3 minutes”.

Ability to help and solve problems. Make it clear that only you can solve problems. Use questions or statements in messages: “Still not sure which smartphone to buy?”, “Pick up the best dress of the last season.” 

Using numbers to prove trust. Not knowing about you should not scare a potential client. Help him trust you through your satisfied customers. Use numbers such as 1000 new subscribers, 500 bought units, and so on. Such actions will encourage new users to join.

How Do You Build an Effective Action Button?

Why is a CTA button more effective than a simple click-on notice? Of course, such a button is more efficient as it looks attractive and more noticeable than plain text. But do not forget that the best call-to-action button should be: clearly visible, of optimal size, and the right color. This is a whole “science” and requires patience and attention from marketers.

Call-to-action button examples

Also, use strong, personalized call-to-action words, such as:

  • Remind me later. Respect your users' time and let them be reminded about the app later. Perhaps with repeated reminders, you will get a positive result.
  • Try without registering. Not everyone wants to sign up for something new. The solution to visiting the app is to give it a try of the functionality without first registering.
  • Confirm or cancel. If your company suffers losses when canceling bookings or orderings, then ''Confirm/Cancel'' is the right decision.
  • Save to calendar. Place an "Add to Calendar" action button. A marked date in the users' calendar increases attendance at an event or service. 
  • Follow us. The user can follow a specific news topic with an action button. This is a relevant call to action for entertainment content.
  • Order or Shop now. Purchase reminders or current store offers to increase sales over these two Order/Buy Now buttons in short alerts.
Call-to-action button examples

No need to make CTA buttons complicated or too long. The user must decide in a few seconds whether to swipe or tap you.

Examples of Push Notification CTAs

Let’s take a look at some call-to-action button examples of companies that use push notifications in their marketing strategies and so increase app conversions.

Increasing the income in e-commerce and driving sales

Most online stores create mobile applications to increase their sales. This is especially convenient for buyers since information about discounts and additional promotions is sent directly to them. Push messages encourage a purchase, and the CTA button helps to do it faster. “Buy now” or “Go shopping” is the clearest calls to action for e-commerce.

Performing transactions through Push Notification CTA for payment applications

Payment or banking apps interact with their customers through CTAs. The world does not stand still, and the client has no time to make even the usual payment transactions on his phone. Therefore, the developers came up with the function “Purchase Pay” or “Top up Phone” without leaving the smartphone screen.

CTAs examples

“Do not swipe, but act” on the example of the YouTube App

The most popular video hosting YouTube App informs users when their favorite blogger posts a new video on the channel. Call-to-action buttons allow them to choose when to watch the video: Watch Later or other Options.

Delivery reminders, do it like Blinkit

Leading grocery delivery company Blinkit gives customers the ability to choose when to deliver. Also, the reminder in the CTA button about the sale forces not only to delete the message but “Remind me in 1 hour”. They use personalization in messages, which gives a high response rate.

How does the tourist app increase ratings via Push Notifications?

Ratings are important to travel apps because usually, the traveler decides which application to use by the number of reviews. Therefore, after the vacation travel agency sends mobile pushes with the action to rate the app. A self-respecting agency will not allow a poor-quality vacation, so a satisfied client will give this app the highest rate after the weekend.

Should You Always Add CTAs to Push Notifications?

The CTA button is indispensable for increasing mobile app click rates. It is worth considering that actions must be unique relative to the content of the message. Standard calls to action, “Accept” or “No, thanks”, should be specific.

Of course, it is up to you to decide whether to add a call-to-action button or not. But if the goal of creating a mobile application is not just to throw money away, then a standard set of motivations should be present. Do not limit yourself and your strengths — increase awareness and conversion. Simple A/B testing will help to model the exact wishes of customers and what they crave to see from you.

Adding Action Buttons to Push Notifications Using Reteno

The easiest way to create the best Push Notifications for Android and iOS is by using Reteno. Editor Reteno helps you create, compose, personalize, and test the display of call to action on all platforms. Consider the step-by-step guide for creating a mobile push message.

  1. Create a message. From the top menu, select Messages → Messages → Mobile push on the left sidebar. Click the Create Mobile Push button .
  2. Create a Push Notification. In the Reteno everything is intuitive. It consists of two columns: a data entry field and a preview field. Fill in the empty fields generated in future alerts. Adhere to the recommendations of limiting the number of characters in push notifications — the length of the text should not exceed 40 characters.
  3. Check the generated message. The TEST button will redirect you to the mobile push preview screen. The information will appear on the screen of your Android device as a clip or dropdown in the push drawer. On iOS as a banner on the lock screen.

Also, Reteno supports multilingual messages. It depends on the tariff plan you have chosen. Just click on the Globe in the top right toolbar and add the desired language.


Push Notification CTA should not be neglected as it is a great tool to increase sales, get rankings, and acquire much more improvement to your marketing strategy. Don’t stop halfway after creating an application — chat and attract new users. “Call to actions” are not just annoying banners or short text, but the whole idea and meaning of your company. Editor Reteno makes it easy to create personal pop-up messages for mobile devices, so the process will be simple and fun even for beginners.



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