Reteno's private inbox exclusively for your messages ensures users can always access your tailor-made offers, even if they skipped the push.

Enrich Communication

Reach All Active
Users with App Inbox

Meet a direct communication channel that doesn’t require a user subscription and keeps messages for a decent time. This is a perfect solution for generating traffic to your landing pages and distributing long-term and time-limited deals.

Unlock The Power of App Inbox

Easy five-minute integration to save hundreds of your office hours and lightning-fast delivery to the entire customer base. Don't delay implementing a customizable and uncluttered inbox.

Persistent Offers Storing

Let users return to your messages anytime. While mobile pushes may be brushed off, inbox notifications don’t disappear — they are stored for the time specified by the marketer.

Increasing Landing Page Traffic

Enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns: attract more customers to conversion pages and increase your sales by up to 20% duplicating messages that were missed in other channels.

Target Your Campaigns to the Bullseye with Reteno Inbox Marketing Software

Get 200% more conversions applying hyper-targeted segmentation and message inbox to meet all expectations and requirements of your clients. Instantly create groups by combining user actions, event parameters, lifecycle stages, and attributes. In addition, avail of real-time synchronization with external sources.

Trusted by 300+ leading brands from 23 countries

Personalized Messaging Driving Sales

Besides bulk campaigns, adopt transactional, conversion, and retention ones to increase customer lifetime and get the desired sales results. Send out promo codes and product recommendations based on clients’ browse history, in-app actions, campaign interaction, etc.

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Benefits Of Mobile Inbox Messages

Increasing Open Rates

Experience the power of rich media and notification badges for drawing users’ attention and stimulating their interaction with your app. Conduct A/B tests and improve your results with detailed analytics.

Improving User Experience

Users know where to find all your offers and news that are relevant for now. App inbox messages don’t bother users and don’t distract them from targeted actions in your app.

Converting the Warmest Customers

The notification center is about communicating with highly engaged customers who already have personal accounts and use your app. App Inbox will help you reach 100% of them, while only 60% of Android users and 45% of iOS users allow mobile pushes.

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