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Reteno's personalized push notifications will turn inactive users into regulars of your app. Keep them engaged and coming back for more!

Maximize App Retention

Retain More App Users with Mobile Push Notifications

Easily communicate with customers using timely media-rich pushes. Draw clients’ attention, encourage them to return to your app, and get stunning campaign results.


Welcome, Josh!

Taste our mouthwatering burgers and pizza 😋 Order now and get $5 off!


The boots from your cart are running out

Hi, Andrian. You better hurry up to grab a pair of boots you liked — only 2 pairs of Nike Air Left!

See 👀

Buy 🛍️


We miss you 😢

Arina, we’ve piked up something new from Facial Massagers just for you. Order today with 10% off!

See offer ➡️


Launch welcome promotions and introduce your company & offers to entice people, show your value, and ultimately make clients fall in love with your brand.


Encourage customers to complete targeted actions with ready-made campaigns such as “Abandoned Purchase”, “Abandoned Browse", “Price Drop”, and others. Or create custom ones.


Adopt the best practices of mobile push notifications marketing to maintain your customer base: send personalized recommendations and promote ongoing sales to keep your audience involved.

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Rich Push Notification Features

Rich mobile app push notifications will help you visually present your products, stylize your messages, and make the necessary emphases by adding pictures, extra text, buttons, and icons. Don’t miss the chance to increase the reaction rate by 25%.

Images Carousels

Use a carousel if you need to present several products simultaneously. Be sure users won’t pass by.


Simplify the client’s path in the sales funnel and boost campaign outcomes by 40% using CTA buttons.

Icon Badges

A small red dot will stimulate users to open your app by kindly reminding them of unread notifications.

Android notification icons

Let users immediately recognize your notification by your app or company logo.

iOS notification icons

Adding an icon will allow your users to instantly identify who sent them the message.

100-million product marketplace grew sales by 10% by sending 30M event-triggered pushes monthly

“There is one major thing you gain when working with Reteno - speed. It was challenging to launch all the required automated triggers, which would have taken a year if implemented independently. Reteno is a great platform enabling us to experiment with popular marketing practices and integrate them in a matter of days.”

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Benefits of Mobile Push Notifications Automation in Reteno


Perform lightning-fast integrations and create rich push notifications without coding. Сollect contacts, get their segments instantly, and track message openings and clicks with our advanced SDK.

Event-triggered campaigns

Set up reliable communication with your audience, using automated workflows triggered by customer actions. Make the most of gathered user data, launching personalized campaigns.

Segmentation & personalization

All customer data is stored in our platform, so it takes seconds to create segments based on profile attributes, behavior parameters, and events. Distribute only relevant push notifications for mobile apps to get a click rate as high as 30%.


Boost your campaign reach by utilizing communication channels that your customers prefer. Add the most suitable ones out of the 8 available in a single workflow.


Reteno automatically collects user language data and sends appropriate notification versions. Avoid messy workflows and get detailed analytics.

Deep linking & analytics

Take the user to the desired app screen, using deep links, to keep them focused. Also, receive detailed analytics reports with accurate Open rate, CTR, and other metrics.

A/B testing

Make your mobile pushes more effective by trying out different options for your message. This feature will help you achieve KPIs within the same marketing budget.

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