IntellectoKids Got 10% More Paying Customers and 25% More Active Users


Churn Reduction

Increase in Сonversion

Increase in Activation

ROMI Growth


IntellectoKids is an educational & entertainment platform with more than 3,6 million users worldwide. It consists of four applications with top-notch content for children under 7 y. o. and their parents.


Before integrating with Reteno, IntellectoKids had two prime challenges:

  1. They wanted to increase revenue by converting more users into paying customers. It was also crucial to start increasing conversion from the funnel's first stages, as trials account for up to 10% of new sales on average.
  2. They needed to improve the retention of paid users. To keep earning from subscribers, IntellectoKids should prevent their churn by ensuring active use of the app just from the first payment.

Hitting these goals laid in timely personalized communication based on user actions. Therefore, IntellectoKids had to switch from bulk to event-triggered campaigns. And here they faced such issues as

  • non-unified behavior data stored across platforms,
  • dearth of automation,
  • lack of segmentation.

Why Reteno

Retaining app users and increasing sales from them is what Reteno was born to do. Our platform provides features that seamlessly cover problems with customer data and message delivery. Reteno automatically collects app and message interaction events, which can serve as a trigger to launch campaigns. This data is unified with data from other systems into single customer profiles, where it can be easily taken to build precise segments.


After the integration, IntellectoKids could finally create omnichannel event-based journeys that meet the major marketers’ challenges. They had about 50 active campaigns, and we'll show you some of the most effective ones.

Conversion to Trial

Usually, after installing the app, a parent subscribes to the trial version. Within the first week, they decide if the solution is worthy of the asked money (the first payment is debited automatically in a month).

If a user switched from paid advertising to the subscription page, left their email, but didn’t finish the subscription, they receive emails with the benefits of IntellectoKids and a call to complete the purchase. The purpose of this series is to get new users to sign up for a free trial subscription with auto-renewal to a paid one. It's sort of an abandoned cart journey for all new users.

IntellectoKids email: conversion to trial
IntellectoKids email: conversion to trial

Conversion to Subscription

To address this need, IntellectoKids created an email + push notification workflow reaching those users who haven't purchased a subscription after trying the trial. As soon as a contact gets into this segment, they receive an email followed by a push in which IntellectoKids reminds them of the subscription advantages and offers to renew it at a reduced price.

IntellectoKids email & push: conversion to subscription
IntellectoKids email & push: conversion to subscription


Once registering for the trial, the user must be engaged in the active use of the app; otherwise, they'll end up with a refund after the first payment. Hence, it's crucial to show the platform's value through the right onboarding campaign.

The IntellectoKids’ flow looks like seven-day notifications for young users to get them familiar with the app's features. Pushes are short and clear, with rich content: emojis/colorful pictures.

IntellectoKids push notifications: onboarding
IntellectoKids push notifications: onboarding

Churn Prevention

To avoid user churn, product marketers created additional workflows with emails and push notifications, which are sent within a week and a month after the subscription is canceled. They contain special offers helping convince the user to return to the app.

IntellectoKids email and push: churn prevention
IntellectoKids email & push: churn prevention


Campaigns for retaining users are aimed at returning users who stopped interacting with apps. To this end, IntellectoKids sent push notifications with arguments on platform benefits targeted to parents. They applied to the common pains of the segment: lack of rest, bored children in the house, the need to prepare for school, and the like.

IntellectoKids push notifications: retention
IntellectoKids push notifications: retention

The platform renews content every week, so Reteno was sending notifications to users inactive by 7, 14, and 21 days (the next message launches if the client doesn’t respond).

IntellectoKids reactivation workflow
IntellectoKids reactivation workflow


Stunning results reveal the effectiveness of the IntellectoKids’ strategy implemented with Reteno tools:

  • Conversion-to-trial rate is +7,5%;
  • Conversion-to-subscription rate is +10%;
  • The app activation rate has increased by 25%;
  • ROMI have doubled due to complex service journeys;
  • Churn was cut by 30%.

IntellectoKids do not stop there and constantly conduct A/B testing. This and other Reteno solutions help regularly review the strategy to increase profits and retention rates. Therefore, even better results can be expected in the future.



November 18, 2021



February 17, 2022

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