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Company belongs to the top 5 largest marketplaces in Eastern Europe with more than 140 million monthly visitors, 60 thousand merchants, and 100 million products. 80% of buyers use the mobile application. Prom is a startling example of the transition from e-commerce to m-commerce.


The Prom team's key objective was to retain more users by encouraging their purchase activity. This requires improved customer experience and communication within the lifecycle. Thus, the company had to reconsider the approach to campaigns, reduce their intensity and abandon bulk message bombardment in favor of personalization.

Why Reteno

Reteno is a platform that covers all the Prom’s requirements by offering:

  • event-triggered workflows;
  • omnichanneling in communications;
  • AI-powered product recommendations;
  • app/web tracking and unifying data in single profiles;
  • laser-focused segmentation.

Solution gave up on blast promo emails: now, event-triggered campaigns are the key to their retention strategy. Users receive personalized, relevant messages based on their actions in the app. Prom focuses on mobile pushes as they generate 90% of all direct channel sales. But it doesn’t neglect emails as well.

The marketplace has developed more than 70 automated campaigns. Below, we have listed the most interesting of them.


Within onboarding, Prom reveals its benefits. This campaign is highly segmented and takes into account the previous purchases and the platform’s features used by the customer. If a client has placed an order without secure payment, they'll receive a notification with a call to try this feature. It helps in retention by improving user experience: customers find Prom convenient and safe. onboarding workflow fragment onboarding workflow fragment

Abandoned conversions

Triggers based on unfinished actions are the most successful practice in direct marketing. To win leads back into the funnel, set up automated workflows not only for browsing and carts but also for abandoned product categories and searches.

  • If a user has viewed a category page without visiting any product page, they'll receive recommendations with bestsellers or new arrivals.
  • If the customer was shown products according to the search query, they'd receive a reminder with search results; if not — recommendations based on their previous purchases. abandoned search abandoned search


The company also distributes pushes with wishlisted items. There were a few triggers launched:

  • Reminding about a product added to the wishlist within the last 24 hours;
  • Recommending a similar product that is in stock (if the product from the wishlist is unavailable now);
  • Notifying when the chosen product is available again. similar to favs similar to favs

Review request

Based on comments, buyers choose products and stores, and merchants increase the chances of sales thanks to them. That’s why sends several messages encouraging feedback:

  • Review of the seller for those who closed the deal;
  • Reminder to share feedback for those who haven't yet;
  • Request for a reason for the canceled order;
  • Notification on seller's response;
  • Notification on failed review moderation.

Mobile pushes in these flows are combined with emails and rich messages to increase user engagement.

onboarding workflow fragment review workflow fragment


The marketplace offers recommendations taking into account the buyer’s last purchase or purchases for a certain period. complementary product complementary product

Canceled order

If an order was canceled due to the product's absence, the user receives recommendations with the same item from other sellers.

Price Drop

Often, it is the key to instant purchases. This is why sends out notifications about decreasing prices of

  • products in the cart;
  • previously viewed products;
  • a product similar to the one in the abandoned browse;
  • items from the wishlist;
  • a product similar to the one from the customer’s wishlist. discount on similar item discount on similar item

New items

If the category viewed by the user within the last 24 hours has been replenished with new products, the buyer gets a notification. To make the offer more relevant, contacts who placed an order during this time are excluded from the campaign. new in category new in category


Customers receive messages with promotional items, which meet the users’ behavior history. Notifications are sent only to active users who have visited during the last month. personalized discount personalized discount


Personalized offers based on historical data are also sent out to inactive users who viewed items 1, 2, or 3 months ago. reactivation reactivation

Landing page recommendations

Prom has on-site landing page recommendations, which are personal filters in categories based on user activity. landing recommendations landing recommendations

Now they are testing the same approach in triggered notifications with search results, views, discounts, news, etc. Due to a limited message length, offering a landing page is more efficient than selecting one recommended product.


Thanks to such a comprehensive approach to marketing, Prom’s team has achieved remarkable results:

  • The revenue share of direct channels has increased by 5 times;
  • Personalized triggers grew sales by 10%. Abandoned browsing and wishlist triggers turned out to be the most effective;
  • Personalized product recommendations in messages contributed an additional 3% to sales;
  • Omnichannel feedback campaigns bring up to 70% of all customer reviews and help the marketplace develop its service.

In the near future, the company plans to improve all its communications by using A/B testing and launching new triggers. It requires the study of users’ behavior. Here, again, Reteno tools are going to be very helpful. Developers of our platform are always ready to assist in running new solutions.

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