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Rocket is an international food delivery app launched in 2018. By the end of 2021, the company already operated in 8 European countries — including the Netherlands, France, Spain, and Portugal — and had 1M+ downloads.

Rocket app menu
Rocket app menu


As an app-based service, Rocket uses Mobile Push as the main channel for customer communication. Since their customer base grew rapidly, different groups started to require a different approach. Rocket decided to implement customer segmentation and send personalized push notifications depending on the customer shopping behavior and order preferences.

The main tasks:

  1. Convert more app users into paying customers.
  2. Reactivate inactive customers.
  3. Build relevant communication with loyal customers.
  4. Retain customers and increase repeat sales.
  5. Grow sales through personalized offers.
  6. Increase customer lifetime value.

The company had much data that required maximum fast analysis. So they needed well-thought segmentation marketing and a proper customer data platform that would extract data from their app and use it to divide customers into segments and address them with relevant messages.

Why Reteno

Rocket chose Reteno because our extensive functionality fits their customer segmentation strategies.

  • Segmentation tools allow to send personalized mobile pushes to each user.
  • Order data from a mobile app is processed in real time with minimal delay.
  • Microsegments are built based on the corresponding order parameters.
  • Segment and campaign management is automated and requires minimal manual correction.
  • Reports with all the statistics are available on each campaign.


We began to work with Rocket in January 2020. To fulfill their goals, we decided to use segmentation by app order parameters. Data on orders was instantly transferred to Reteno from their app and was available for segmentation.

Having implemented this approach, Rocket managed to:

1. Quickly integrate with Reteno. The necessary settings were made in the personal profile: the client set the mapping condition (phone number) and added the event orderCreated.

2. Get a full range of data operations:

  • Collect and store contact data. A shopping history was obtained for every customer. We knew their names, location, order history, and preferences (meals, cuisine, price, order time).
  • Implement behavioral customer segmentation based on one or several parameters.

3. Build complex segments:

  • Work with active customers.
  • Segment user profiles by meal type, city, restaurant.
Segment for orders of a particular cuisine
Segment for orders of a particular cuisine
  • Target segments based on the average check.
  • Segment a loyal audience.
  • Send personalized pushes based on customer preferences.
Rocket mobile push notifications
Rocket mobile push notifications


With the help of Reteno, Rocket managed to create personalized communication strategies with different customer segments, improve their shopping experience and grow sales.

  • Churn of new users was cut by 40% thanks to triggered mobile pushes that were sent to app registrants who made no orders.
  • Reactivation campaigns drove back 25% of users.
  • The average customer check increased by 16% on average.
  • The number of orders has increased by 65% since March 2020.
  • LTV has grown by 12% and keeps on growing.
  • ROI reached 152% and continues to grow monthly. ROAS brings on average $5 profit per $1 of investment.
Results of personalized mob push campaigns
Results of personalized mob push campaigns

Next Steps

As part of the future plans, the company intends to add tracking to work with abandoned browses and carts, and geofencing to determine location and achieve better personalization.

This will enhance segmentation by adding new parameters for segment conditions:

  • Campaign activity;
  • Current location;
  • Data for abandoned browses and carts.

For Rocket, mobile pushes are key for customer communication. However, the company plans to add Email and SMS to their marketing strategies using Advanced Segmentation by Reteno. It may increase their profit by 25%.



February 10, 2022



February 17, 2022

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