Food Delivery App Increased Orders by 65% in Six Months


Product Manager, Reteno

February 10, 2022


Increase in Orders


Churn Prevention


Contact Reactivation

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Rocket is an international food delivery app launched in 2018. By the end of 2021, the company already operated in 8 European countries — including the Netherlands, France, Spain, and Portugal — and had 1M+ downloads.

Rocket menu
Rocket menu


Rocket uses Mobile Push as the leading channel for customer communication. As their customer base proliferated, different groups started to require different approaches. Rocket decided to implement deep segmentation and send personalized mobile pushes depending on the customer shopping behavior and interests.

The primary tasks:

  1. Convert more app users into paying customers.
  2. Reactivate inactive customers.
  3. Grow sales through personalized offers.


We began to cooperate with Rocket in January 2020. To meet their goals, we decided to use segmentation by event parameters. Data on orders was transferred to Reteno from the app and available for segmentation in real time.

We created separate segments and different campaigns to complete each task.

Conversion of App Users into Paying Customers

This is a priority for any business. The registration phase should be strictly monitored as people get distracted by competitors, forget about the service, or simply need little encouragement to make the first order.

Rocket managed to take this process under control and converted 30% more registrations into orders. They sent a triggered mobile push to users who had confirmed their phone number but made no order over the last 90 days.

Segment for new app users
Segment for new app users

Sales Growth through Personalized Offers

To predict the next move of a particular customer and anticipate the demand, we used the following parameters:

  • City and delivery address;
  • Preferred cuisine;
  • Previously ordered meals;
  • Application language;
  • Payment method;
  • Order date.

Based on them, we built the following segments:

  • Customers who had made N orders of N cuisine (Asian, European, etc.) for the period/all time in the city of N/in all cities.
Segment based on the number of orders
Segment based on the number of orders
  • Customers who had ordered a meal of the N category (pizza, burger, sushi...) for a period/all time in the city of N/in all cities.
Segment based on food categories
Segment based on food categories

Reactivation of Inactive Customers

Our experience tells that you can return 20% to 55% of dormant customers by properly configuring reactivation triggers. In the first stage, Rocket set up a trigger to drive back customers who hadn’t used the services for more than 3 months. The segment was created taking into account the city and the app language in order to make a relevant personal offer.

Segment for inactive customers
Segment for inactive customers


With Reteno, Rocket created personalized communication strategies with different customer segments, improving their shopping experience and sales metrics.

  • Churn of new users was reduced by 40% thanks to triggered mobile pushes sent to registered users who made no orders.
  • Reactivation campaigns brought back 25% of users.
  • The number of purchases has grown by 65% since March 2020.

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