10 Best Ways to Grab Customer Attention

Vladyslav Pobyva

Is it enough to develop a high-quality product and wait for customers? Definitely not! There are no companies that can do without marketing: advertising and engaging content at each phase of the product life cycle are essential for grabbing consumer attention and boosting sales.

Don't forget that today’s clients encounter too many distractions due to the endless information flow. So, your task is to implement the best practices of attention-getting strategies, which we have presented in this article. Also, you’ll find some useful recommendations and tools.

Customer Attention is the Key to Success

First of all, you should understand that people won’t be looking for your brand: there are too many players on the market, so customers have a wide choice. It means, if you wish to succeed, you must be proactive and visible.

The Technical University of Denmark found out that businesses have only 8 seconds to grab attention (a metric called the collective global attention span).

Attracting attention is one of the main marketing tasks, which became even more relevant a century later when the AIDA model was introduced. Within the fight for clients, marketers work on different sides of businesses: from improving products to brainstorming in order to decide how to present solutions “properly”.

So, let’s take a look at some useful tips that would help you stand out from the competition and figure out how to get people's attention.

Decide Key Segments of Your Audience for Clear Brand Positioning

Some entrepreneurs believe that being ordinary helps to engage numerous customer groups and, as a result, receive higher income. Unfortunately, the reality is the opposite: people prefer brands that specialize in serving particular segments to cover all their needs.

Moreover, focusing on certain client groups allows you to create more accurate communication: it will be much easier to find attention-grabbing words for advertising. Of course, you can appeal to the words relevant to most segments: free, unlimited, immediately, instantly, unique, exciting, and so on. 

So, develop profiles of your typical clients by analyzing:

  • Personal data (age, gender, location, education, average income, and so on);
  • Purposes and life values (what they strive for);
  • Occupation (field of work, position in the company);
  • Pains (what they try to avoid and what challenges they often get through);
  • Habits (for example, where they usually search for information, what content types they consume, and the like).

Create marketing campaigns taking into account the gathered data. In addition, do your best to show that you are a credible and trustworthy partner.

Focus on the Customers’ Pains

When launching a new advertisement, you should pay special attention to the problems your clients are facing. A person will start getting to know your offer with a high probability if they understand how it may be helpful. Otherwise, the buyer will skip your message because it doesn't resonate with his condition. Remember that people in this world are fixated mainly on their difficulties.

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Utilize the Potential of Mobile Devices

According to a lot of studies, the use of smartphones will become increasingly prevalent down the road. Mobile devices grant a great opportunity to communicate directly with clients and, in this way, get their attention.

If it’s possible and relevant for you, develop a mobile application or improve an existing one. Afterward, get acquainted with our services to create a working promotion strategy. We offer effective retention tools and communication channels.

Find Your Uniqueness

How to get customers' attention if, in your opinion, you are no different from thousands of other companies? The only solution is to find a unique selling proposition. You may not offer exclusive products but your marketing activities and special bonuses can blow buyers away.

Consider the following things:

  • free shipping;
  • additional guarantee;
  • loyalty program with different rewards;
  • professional care service (actually, this is the Achilles heel of numerous businesses).

This list can be continued depending on your field of work. 

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Customers expect a simple ordering process, so remove all possible pitfalls by improving the user experience.  

Create an Emotional Connection with Your Brand

It’s hard to be visible if your company doesn’t evoke any emotions. And here we come to emotional branding – the process of forming relationships between customers and your product or the whole company.

The main tool is content. Appeal to storytelling to share with people your mission, tasks, work methods, and aims. The gathered information about your audience will be highly helpful to understand what aspects of your operation to reveal.

Such attention-grabbing marketing works for the future: when a certain need arises in a person, they remember who is able to cover it. Hence, emotional branding makes people recall you.

For more details, please, read the article “Emotional Branding: How to Appeal to the Customer's Emotional State?

Work Through Your Content

Effective marketing is always based on meaningful posts and articles. Therefore, what are the best attention-grabbing texts? We would like to highlight the following particularities of good pieces:

  • Including a potential problem/challenge of your audience (one or two within a post);
  • Providing expert information on customer issues;
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  • Having simple and short sentences with enough paragraphs to allow users to skim through your posts (in other words, create snackable content);
  • Containing emoji, bold text, bulleted lists, and subheadings to emphasize important thoughts.

Specialists recommend following the inverted pyramid style, starting with the conclusion (the most important information should be presented first).

Implement Professional SMM

There are two main resources to grab customer attention: your website and social networks. The second option gives much more opportunities for improving brand awareness and generating word-of-mouth buzz.

Things that usually need improvements are:

  • the quality of images (develop one style and follow it);
  • diversity of your posts (alternate photos with videos and message types);
  • content of your texts (what works best on Instagram might not be prime for Facebook or Twitter, so ensure that your messages fit the particular social network).
Instagram account

Other tips for social media marketing we would like to mention:

  • Share distinct information (statistics, case studies, surveys, etc.);
  • Answer users’ questions in comments (not formulaic, it matters);
  • Collaborate with other brands and bloggers;
  • Post materials consistently. Otherwise, nobody will aware of you.

Adopt Personalization to Your Communication Systems

Personalization in business is about demonstrating proximity to customers. 67% of people expect to get relevant recommendations with products and services and 72% of clients engage only with personalized messages. Thus, attention marketing is going to be ineffective without offering tailored solutions and using several communication channels.

 Here are some tips to improve the user experience:

  • Gather information about your audience from your website and mobile app;
  • Decide the main channels used by your customers;
  • Segment your clients to promote the most interesting and useful products for each group;
  • Develop personalized emails and messages based on the collected data;
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  • Provide context-based support.

Make sure that the personalization is implemented in every your system (website, mobile application, communication platforms, etc.).

Ensure That You Are Visible in Your Area

How to get attention if you’re a local business? The answer is location-based marketing. First of all, implement SEO settings so that Google shows your company in local searches (gather relevant keywords and NAP details, and decide which website pages should be optimized).  

Local SEO

Second, take into consideration users’ locations in your promotions. For more information, please, follow the link “Geotargeting: Everything You Should Know About.”

Participate or Launch Events  

You can launch a large-scale marketing campaign by sponsoring, taking part in, or hosting an online or offline event. Be sure you won’t go unnoticed.

When choosing an event, find out if your target audience will be there. In order to do that, you have to know the portrait of your average client.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous methods of how to get people's attention. In this article, we have gathered noteworthy practices, but their effectiveness highly depends on your business. Just remember: you should approach the promotion comprehensively. It means that only advertisements won’t help you if your product/service/application can’t satisfy customers.

To find out the true needs of your audience, get acquainted with our services. All the necessary tools for gathering data and communicating with clients are in one place!

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