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Angela Fellows

Head of Customer Success, Reteno

May 2, 2024

What is an Automated Message Meaning?

Automated messages are pre-written texts scheduled to be sent to mobile app users or website visitors whenever a trigger event occurs. These trigger events may be an order confirmation, a welcome message for new subscribers, a recommendation, or a promotion. Automated messages aim to create personalized engagements with specific end-users by leveraging their behavioral and personal data available to the developers.

Benefits of Automated Messages in Mobile Marketing

Automated messaging merits are countless. Here are some of them.

High Engagement and Response Rate

Automated messages ensure messages are sent to the right receiver at the right moment to get their attention. For example, activating an automated text message or mobile push notifications when customers abandon their cart prompts them to complete their purchase. In the same way, other prompts, such as order confirmation, sales event alerts, and appointment reminders, can also draw customers’ attention. Automating these interactions allows businesses to connect with clients when they are most receptive, resulting in higher engagement.

Communication and Personalization

Your customers want to feel like they matter and not just part of a wide spectrum of contacts. Personalized automated messages using customer data help elevate the customer’s experience and create a deeper connection with the brand. For instance, messages tailored to include the customer’s name or purchase history can build a strong connection that benefits both sides. As we highlighted earlier, this personalized communication often has better click rates or open rates than the average email and will drive higher engagement.                                                                                                                                                                                

Since buyers are more likely to respond to messages that align with their interests and current needs, automated messages ensure the next inbox they receive is related to the interaction they recently made with your product on your mobile app.

Cost Effectiveness

This marketing option can help e-commerce businesses save more. Whether automated SMS messages, emails, or direct mail, automated messages allow businesses to run on a small marketing budget, which benefits startups and small businesses more. You don’t have to hire another customer rep to send those thank you, success, and reminder emails. With Reteno, you can achieve these and so much more with only a few dollars monthly.

Efficient Customer Support

Automated messages can help to slash response time by handling routing queries with AI systems like chatbots. This speed is very important, as quick resolution of issues can increase the buyer’s chances of returning. 

Apart from this, automation frees human agents to handle other tasks that require compulsory human input. In today’s world, automated messages can help boost a brand’s presence while delivering consistent, high-quality support across different platforms. 

Types of Automated Messages

Below, we will consider automated message examples, their key features, and their pros and cons. 

Welcome Messages

These messages set the tone for future interactions with customers. With a well-crafted welcome message, businesses can create a positive first impression with new customers. However, when creating a welcome series for new customers or visitors, make sure to do it correctly. Make the messages in your welcome series concise and personalized to specific user segments. 

Promo and Sales Messages

These automated messages inform customers about exclusive offers, discounts, and other mouthwatering offers to encourage repeat purchases. It is also best to send promo messages to subscribers or returning customers. But tread cautiously in the quest for conversions because frequent promo messages will quickly go to spam, defeating the purpose. 

Abandoned Cart Messages

When sent strategically, an abandoned cart message or notification can nudge customers to complete their transactions. This automated message is triggered when a buyer places an item in their cart and doesn’t check out for some reason. It is advisable to send an abandoned cart message within 48 hours of shoppers leaving their abandoned carts to serve as a gentle reminder without being pushy.  

Order Confirmation

This is a transactional message that a brand sends to customers who have placed orders online or taken certain actions on their website. Customers like to receive such automated messages because it relieves doubts about the transaction’s success. 

Thank You Messages

Thank you messages sent to customers or website visitors show appreciation for their time and money if they complete a transaction. Every buyer wants to feel valued, and customer satisfaction can determine whether or not a business will get repeat customers. When done right, thank you messages can trigger brand loyalty from customers who appreciate the reception they receive.  

Best Practices for Automated Messaging Campaigns

Here are some things to consider before activating mobile marketing automation.

Know Your Customers

Effective automated messaging starts with understanding the target audience. By creating buyer personas across different demographics, interests, and pain points, businesses can tailor their automated messages to match their buyers’ specific needs. You can use data from surveys, analytics, and direct customer interactions to ensure your automated messages remain authentic rather than generic. 

Collect the Right Data

Data drives marketing efforts and automated messaging is no different. Lead capture forms, behavioral data, and segmentation strategies are key factors that can guide businesses in delivering automated messages that resonate with each buyer’s interest. Gathering insights throughout a customer’s journey gives you a comprehensive idea of each buyer, and brands can use the information for targeted and personalized messages and improved user acquisition

Personalize Your Messages

Automated messages should speak to the heart, addressing the recipient’s needs and interests. Tailoring these messages based on buyer personas and user behavior ensures they are relevant and impactful to the receiver.

Create Engaging Copy for Each Message

An automated message is often as good as it reads. If the in-app messages or other automated messages are interesting enough to draw the buyer’s attention, they will likely engage your brand and make purchases. 

Create Multichannel Experience

Although email automation is arguably the most popular marketing campaign, adding other channels can enhance the effectiveness of automated messages. As a brand, consider diversifying your communication channels to include SMS, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms to maximize all engagement opportunities. 

Ask for Feedback

Feedback helps to make automated messaging campaigns better. Ask for customer feedback to see if your strategy is working. Common ways to do this include surveys, polls, or even direct inquiries seeking feedback. 

Launch Personalized Automated Messages with Reteno

Reteno is a flexible mobile messaging platform that has revolutionized how apps and e-commerce businesses engage with customers. One of our standout features is our incredible, readymade automated campaigns, which give businesses the push they need to generate revenue from the first day of operations. 

Rather than spending valuable time designing marketing campaigns, brands rely on Reteno’s pre-built messaging campaigns to see immediate results. Our system is also easy to navigate, so brands do not need to hire a developer before they start.

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