Shafa gains an extra 5% of app installs through omnichannel campaign


Product Manager, Reteno

May 12, 2022


Extra Installs



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Shafa is a C2C marketplace for clothes, shoes, cosmetics and household goods. The company operates in Brazil and Ukraine. More than 300,000 sellers use the platform for marketing over 20,000,000 products. Monetization occurs due to commission from sales, which usually ranges from 5 to 7%.

The app was released in October 2018. Now, it's ranked the #2 shopping app in Ukraine and has 1M+ downloads on iOS and 1M+ downloads on Android.


Shafa researched customer lifetime value and found that the LTV of users who registered on the site and installed the application within a month is 2.5 times higher after 9 months than the LTV of users who didn't. Also, studies have shown that users who have installed the application return to the product better.

Our task was to encourage new users to install the application using email and Viber.


In the Reteno drag-and-drop builder, Shafa's marketer created an omnichannel workflow including email and Viber messages. It launches when the user logs in.

Omnichannel workflow
Omnichannel workflow

This workflow checks whether the user's gadget has the application installed (if the user is in the has_token segment). If not, then a Viber message is sent.

Welcome Viber message
Welcome Viber message

Shafa also added banners with a call to install the app to all emails of their welcome series.

Banners to encourage app installs
Banners to encourage app installs

Such banners are included in all triggered and manual emails email campaigns sent by Shafa.


Shafa manages to monitor the number of app installs due to Dynamic Links by Firebase, as they mark all messages with deep links.

Shafa receives about 4,500 installations from Viber messages and about 3,500 installations from emails monthly, which is approximately 5% of all app installs.

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