Introducing Reteno Recipes

Oleg Lesov

My 10-year-old son has a passion for cooking, especially for desserts and baked goods. I'm not sure where this love comes from, as neither his siblings nor his parents share this interest. Consequently, Illya is left to tackle the challenges and learn through trial and error on his own.

He recently had a dream of making a chocolate cake all by himself. As anyone who's tried baking knows, it's not a simple task, and many things can go wrong. The dough consists of nine ingredients, and the proportions must be exact. If there's not enough baking powder, the cake won't rise. Eggs should be well-whipped with sugar to achieve a soft sponge. If you add too much cocoa, it will taste bitter. And you need to monitor both the baking time and temperature carefully. If you leave it in for 30 minutes longer, your cake could turn into charcoal.

Baking a cake well without a recipe is almost impossible, so Illya turned to ChatGPT for guidance and step-by-step instructions. The result? A beautiful chocolate cake!

Reteno Recipes

The same day Illya cooked pastries, I had three meetings with Reteno clients on messaging workflows. In all cases, we discussed the number of messages, campaign duration, personalization, and channel mix. It felt like we were reinventing the wheel. As with cake, a lot can go wrong when planning a campaign. If the number of messages is too low, conversions will suffer. But users can unsubscribe if the messages are overdosed. Commonly, the campaign duration is much shorter than optimal, and only one channel is utilized.

That's when I thought, wouldn't it be great to have a cookbook of campaigns for Reteno? Business results would improve if marketers started with a proven workflow and made adjustments rather than creating everything from scratch each time. 

Inspired by this vision, our team began searching for the best format for this cookbook. We discovered that workflows, timings, and conversion types are not all that different across various app categories. As such, we had enough experience to create tried-and-true recipes for these parts of the campaigns. However, crafting messages proved to be a different story. The tone of voice, app content, and key features varied widely, even among competitors, making it extremely challenging to pre-write texts for mobile pushes and other messages in advance. We struggled with this task for a few months before the release of GPT-4. It was a game-changer. When provided with the right prompt, ChatGPT can create messages better than 80% of humans.

After overcoming these hurdles, we're thrilled to introduce Reteno Recipes, the ultimate cookbook for product marketers. It's packed with best practices and enhanced by ChatGPT for automatic message generation. We invite you to give it a try.

Avail of proven campaigns with ready-made messages.

Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts with me via email at

Alex Danchenko


December 14, 2022

Alex Danchenko


November 7, 2022

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