Halloween App Marketing Strategy: Tips & Ideas to Increase Sales

Vladyslav Pobyva

Halloween is an exciting time when you are literally surrounded by witches, black cats, bats, and other creatures. Many prepare for this day in advance, so numerous businesses do their best to offer all the necessary stuff (costumes, treats, decorations, and so on). Let’s find out how you can stand out from the competition and attract more people with the most interesting and effective Halloween marketing ideas we have cited in this article.

Why Halloween Shopping Season is a Great Time to Promote Your App

Due to the pandemic and the transition to a fully or partially online format of work, holidays have become almost the only time when people can meet each other and hang out. And Halloween is another reason to organize a party. In 2021, more than 148 million (65%) Americans were celebrating it. It’s 7% more than in 2020.

The average bill of an American is $102,75. The main activities are as follows:

  • Handing out candies – 66%;
  • Decorating home – 52%;
  • Dressing in costumes – 46%;
  • Carving a pumpkin – 44%;
  • Throwing a party – 25%;
  • Visiting a haunted house – 18%.

Thus, diverse businesses can take advantage of Halloween (grocery stores, boutiques, room quests, restaurants, haunted houses, discos, movie theaters, and so on). However, note that 40% of customers prefer discount offline stores and only about 30% make purchases online. So, your task is to entice people to your local outlet or get them to order online. How to do that? Some noteworthy Halloween marketing campaign ideas will help you.

Revamp the Design of All Resources

A redesign is the first step to all mobile marketing activities. Without it, you will seem like a black sheep in the clients’ eyes. Start with your app design because the statistics say that 79% of smartphone users prefer in-app purchases. Then, proceed to your website and advertisements. Visual decorations are a kind of hint of the upcoming big sales!

Halloween app Design

Also, work through your content:

  • Develop spooky social media posts;
  • Temporarily replace the descriptions on the App Store and Google Play. Change images there;
  • Prepare articles related to the holiday.

There is a lot of work ahead, so plan all your actions in advance.

Invest in Your Blog

This is the only tool, which allows attracting customers almost for free – with the help of SEO. Moreover, articles have no limitations in symbols which means you are able to fully answer questions and convey certain thoughts and recommendations to your audience. During Hallowing, the possible topics are:

  • How and where to celebrate in your city?
  • What costume to choose?
  • What accessories will be useful for creating a terribly beautiful look?

The Halloween post ideas are limited only by your imagination and field of work.

Also, don’t forget about social networks, especially Facebook and Instagram, which can be analogous to a blog.

Improve Your Product Line: Provide More Items

You had better expand the number of offers if, of course, it’s possible. That will allow you to satisfy more customers and successfully compete with other market players.

Remember that most people wish to buy all the necessary things in one place. They expect you to be dynamic with various bids on most product sections.

We recommend that you create a special section or even several categories dedicated to Halloween. Build sections for men, women, and children to provide them with appropriate and relevant goods.

Run an Urgent Promotion with Discounts

Online eCommerce is always about high competition, thereby you can’t do without sales. Halloween promotions are a great tool to entice customers to your sweet limited-time offers.

Show the urgency using messages like “Sale finishes at Midnight”, “Today Only”, “Deals vanish in 1 hour”, and the like. It’s completely justified on the one-day holiday.

Urgent Promotion with Discounts for Halloween

Note that 61% of clients are more likely to buy when they get customized offerings. It can be achieved with the help of user segmentation. Taking into account customer preferences and true needs, start sending out mobile push notifications and emails. Follow the link to find out how Reteno may be useful for you.

Halloween push notification

Don’t Forget about Pre-Advertising

The National Retail Foundation figured out that about 40% of all buyers make their purchases in advance – a few weeks before an occasion hits the ground.

Within the pre-advertising activities, you can limit yourself to Halloween marketing emails and social media campaigns. All you need to do is to remind users of the upcoming event to warm them up. Halloween branding is a task right before the holiday itself.

Halloween Pre-Advertising

In addition, preliminary marketing campaigns throughout October are a chance to increase the number of app installs for further immediate communication via push notifications. Follow the link to get acquainted with the best practices of push notifications for app engagement.

Promote your Halloween offers with Email Marketing

Brick-and-mortar communication methods stay relevant even nowadays! There are numerous Halloween email ideas to boost your sales. For example, email newsletters are a good option for presenting certain products and upcoming updates before their implementation. Moreover, such a marketing tool is a perfect opportunity to gather pre-orders. The ways to take advantage of Halloween email campaigns largely depend on your business.

Halloween Email Marketing

Have you recently launched your own mobile app? Well, tell clients about that in another letter.

Implement Omnichannel Communication

We are speaking about a combination of different communication methods when various platforms are used. Within omnichannel marketing, you should provide a seamless experience: let people start chatting in one messenger and continue in another (just an example). Nowadays, it’s foolhardy to rely on one platform because you won’t be able to reach all potential clients.  

Moreover, the omnichannel approach gives the opportunity to be sure that important messages will be received and read by customers. For instance, if a buyer doesn’t open emails at all, your notification will be duplicated in SMS or messenger.

Appeal to Influencer Marketing

Today, it’s a kind of trend: 86% of all marketers turn to cooperating with influencers at least once per year. Companies constantly increase their budget for such campaigns which tells us about their efficiency.

It doesn’t matter whether your Halloween business ideas are aimed at a single city or the whole country. Depending on your purposes, collaborate with “local” or “national” bloggers.  

Popular approaches to advertising through influencers are as follows:

  • Recommendations when a blogger calls to follow a link or make a targeted action (install an app, for example).
  • Reviews that involve a detailed description of your product or a set of goods from different stores/brands that includes your offer. The second approach adds credibility.
  • Product placement when a blogger, shooting his videos, shows your products in the frame.
  • Unboxing when an influencer receives your products (for good or some time) and shares the first impressions.
  • Profile branding when a blogger becomes the face of your brand.
  • Special projects when content for your company is created by an influencer.

Announce a Prize Draw ‒ an Event That Everyone is Waiting for

Usually, this is an effective and cheaper method of attracting traffic. Launch such a Halloween marketing campaign independently or with the help of a blogger. But first, set a target goal. It may be 20% more Instagram likes, 30% more orders through your app, and the like.

Halloween Prize Draw

Standard requirements for participating in raffles are to subscribe to social networks, share a post, and tag a friend. However, there are various other options.  

Launch a Challenge Instead of Trivial Giveaways

If “traditional” marketing activities with giveaways aren’t for you, announce a challenge! For example, ask customers to take photos in Halloween costumes bought from your store. It’s gonna be the best Halloween advertising ever!

Halloween Challenge

Then, organize a vote to determine the winner or winners. Don’t forget about the prizes at the end.

Provide clients with free shipping

For online buyers in the USA, the following delivery criteria are important:

  • Free shipping – 69,2%
  • Fast delivery – 57%
  • Ability to track the order – 56,1%
  • Free return of goods – 51,3%.
delivery options free and fast for the win

Thus, free delivery is a key to boosting your sales.

Adopt a loyalty program

Are you bypassing the implementation of a loyalty program or putting off its update? What a pity! Just look at some statistics that would blow you away:

  • 87% of American shoppers stated they want brands to have loyalty programs;
  • 54% of people are ready to spend more for receiving loyalty rewards;
  • 46% of customers said they have already increased their expenses because of special rewards offered by companies.
  • 64% of businesses noticed a significant increase in loyalty memberships;
  • 65% of the income is generated by existing customers, so you should retain them in all possible ways.  

For Halloween apps and websites, your loyalty program may include gift cards, win-wheel, points, upsells, and so on.

Sponsor a Halloween Event

Sponsorship is a common practice among both large and small businesses. Different events, marathons, and festivals are a good opportunity to spread brand awareness and create a loyal local audience.

Sponsor a Halloween Event

Choose an event depending on the segment of clients you wish to engage. For example, sponsoring a children’s event is about targeting their parents while allocating money for a marathon is about attracting health-oriented adults.

Final Thoughts

Each item in this article requires painstaking work, so you should focus on several marketing ideas that would bring the greatest profit. However, before launching Halloween campaigns, make sure that the buying process is simplified as much as possible. 58% of users avoid stores in which they are unable to make a purchase quickly. Thus, work on the user experience and the interface of your online resources.

Take a look at Reteno services to implement the best app marketing practices and Halloween mail ideas in the shortest possible time. Contact us to get more details!

Vladyslav Pobyva


September 23, 2022

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August 26, 2022

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